About SkyWars.fun

It started as an ambitious project
...and evolved from there.
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The server

This server contains a lot of maps you have never seen before. We currently have nearly 100 unique maps and they are counting...
What makes our server different? We offer free perks to our users.


Back in 2013, there were little to no SkyWars servers out there. The ones that were out, were very laggy and had a lack of features and maps.
This inspired NubeBuster to create his own SkyWars server. He spent hours and days working on the project. Eventually, SkyWars.in was born.

Fastforward a year, and SkyWars.in had lost many players. The project was laid off by NubeBuster. Until he decided to reopen it!
It now lives under a new domain: SkyWars.FUN

The things that make SkyWars.fun unique and set apart from other servers is that there are free kits, and the server has been polished extensively.

What are you waiting for... Join SkyWars.FUN!