How to ask for staff (the proper way).

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This subforum is the place to be if you want to become a staff member. Just make sure you put all the required information in a staff-application and post it as a thread in this subforum. There are some requirements that you should know of:

- you must be at least 15 years old
- you must have played on the server for at least 1 week
- your in-game time must be at least 15 hours
- you must have a discord account
- you must have some basic knowledge of the English language
- you must have a working microphone, in order to communicate with other staff-members using voice chat.

What should be in your staff-application? Well:

- your in-game minecraft username
- your discord + tag (WeirdName#0000)
- your native language
- your age
- all other languages you speak
- how much time you are you willing to spend on average on the server
- previous experience and motivation to be moderator

Most likely will this application result in a "Moderator" rank, before moving up the ladder. Staff members that proof themselves worthy, will be moved up if we think you're up for it. The differences between the staff ranks are:

- Moderator: ability to mute people
- Moderator+: ability to mute and ban people. Also gain the ability the moderate automatic bans.

You can't apply for Admin at this moment.
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