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When you start on your island you'll ll probably want to start with mining blocks from your cobblestone generator. After making your island bigger, you can start making farms. Crops you get from farms can be sold in the /shop to build your initial wealth. Once you can afford it, you can upgrade certain mechanics on your island. You can also buy obsidian to build a portal and go to the nether!

A good first goal is to upgrade your island generator to unlock more and more frequent ores.

Starting Tips
  • You can right click obsidian with a bucket to turn it into lava
  • You can buy bones in /shop for bonemeal to quickly grow your first trees
  • Cobblestone (and basalt) generators sometimes generate ores Click here for more information
  • You can upgrade and boost certain mechanics on your island (/upgrades and /boosters)
  • /Upgrades and /boosters require Island Crystals which can be obtained from completing /missions and opening skywars Cloud Cases
  • Voting gives you rewards that can help you start off a lot (/vote)
Island bank
Each island has a shared bank account. Coins and Island Crystals rewarded from missions are sent to the island bank and can be withdrawn using /bank or /withdraw and /deposit by individual island members if they have the permission. Upgrades and boosters are paid with currencies from the island bank.

/Trust vs /Invite
With /invite you can share an island with other players. To be a member of an island you cannot have your own island. With /trust you can allow players to have the member permissions without needing to invite them to become an actual member. Trusted members can get to your island using /visit <yourname>. Players who are not members of your island cannot access the island bank and cannot contribute to missions or upgrades and boosters.

TL;DR To share island, do /invite. if you want to have your own island and also play on someone else's island, they should /trust you. /visit to teleport.

Rare items
Certain items are difficult to obtain in skyblock. Examples are dirt, grass and netherite. Those cannot be obtained from mining and mostly come from Cloud Cases and Crates. You can also get many otherwise unobtainable items and enchanted books from Fishing Click here for more information

Useful commands
/isThis is the most important command. It opens the island menu
/auctionAuction an item live to all players
/ahOpen the market place for player to player trading (/ah sell <price> to sell)
/shopOpen the shop
/buySee what you can buy from our webstore
/inviteInvite players to become a member of your island (/is join to accept an invite)
/trustTrust players on your island with the member role permissions
/is permissionsSet permissions for every member role and for island visitors
/voteReceive item rewards
/warpSee warps and teleport to them (/spawn to go to spawn)
/upgradesUpgrade mechanics on your island
/missionsComplete missions to get rewards

Useful guides
Spawner stacking
You can stack spawners by placing them on an existing spawner of the same type. If you sneak and right-click a spawner you can get more information on the spawner.
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