Update thread #6


Staff member
  • Particles no longer show when you are in spectator mode
  • OITC bug where your purchased perks didn't save has been fixed.
  • There is now a separation between in-game and lobby cosmetics. Enabled cosmetics are synchronized between OITC and SkyWars. And separated from the lobby.
  • Enhanced rank prefixes and added custom textures and items. Many more to come
  • You can now join in 1.17
  • VIP+ can now use emojis in chat. /emoji to view possible emojis
  • Fixed monthly leaderboards resetting weekly -_-
  • Stomper kit bug where it sometimes doesn't work has been fixed
  • Updated anticheats. Please let me know if you encounter any (new) issues regarding the anticheat system
  • Updated lobby hotbar icons
  • You can no longer go out of your island
  • You can now access the Brewing shop
  • You can now change your island biome using /is biome
  • Removed mob stacking as the server is not lagging and it does not really enhance player experience
  • Emojis can now be used in signs and books if you are VIP+