Tips and Tricks for SkyWars

How to win SkyWars

Stop getting rekt.

In this guide you will learn how to win skywars matches.

Knock players off the islands

Chests often contain projectiles and you can nearly always craft a bow and arrows.
Knocking players off the map before they reach the middle island can make the game a lot easier for you.

Loot many chests - get the advantage!

Not every chest has the items you need. Try to loot as many chests as you can and get the best armour possible.
Going to the middle island first gives you the advantage!

Use special items!

The chests are filled with random items. From TNT to Potions.
They also contain all the ingredients to craft a bow and arrows.
There is a chest at spawn where you can view all the special items that are found in the chests.

Change your Field of View

Minecraft have an FOV setting, which determines how much you can see at once.
Having this FOV higher gives you an advantage because you will be able to see players coming from the side.

Intall optifine

Optifine gives you better client performance, more FPS. This makes the game smoother and levels the playing field. Click here to download Optifine.

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